TAROM Ground Mine – Litous

Company Introduction

   Consulting company, working in all areas of specialized mining, from site registration to mine        extraction and trading of mineral products

The core idea of ​​the company

  Applying new scientific methods through academic software studies

   Recruiting young and efficient working force

   Expanding and publicizing geophysics for studying and accessing groundwater

Company Goals

   Creating a scientific and safe environment to perform of all types of exploratory affairs    (counseling, site registration, and issuance of exploration license)

   Spotting appropriate locations for applicants of well drilling permit, by young and energetic professional job seekers

  Potentiality of attracting and centralizing all types of direct projects related to the public and private sectors

Areas of Activity

   Performance Consultancy for exploratory affairs and site registration

   Geological survey and review of reproductive characteristics of the target area

   Development of different types of exploration projects, exploration final report and operational plan

   Preparation of geological and topographic maps in the scales required by projects

   Performing specialized geophysical studies in the fields of Magnetology, Geoelectrics (IP, RS) and water

   Implementation of university research projects in the fields of mining, geophysics, and making related devices


   Mine owners and employers in the mining sector, private applicants of drilling wells

   Regional Water Organization and its subsidiaries in the rural water and sanitation sector

   Mining Engineering Organization of Zanjan province, the Agriculture Organization, The Environmental Protection Agency

   Iranian Universities and Accredited Academic Centers, incl. Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences of Zanjan

Product Analysis

   All products are fully servicing and are supported with after-sales maintenance

   All products are prepared and offered, based on the current scientific knowledge of the world

   Full variation on products and speed in project implementation

   Providing free guidance and advice

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